Progressd Text Assister

Replace, Append, Sort, and execute other text processing functions in a single UI. Regular applications can perform these tasks; however, this tool is more accessible to all users, regardless of their device or degree of competence. Use one or more choices to update the text after pasting the text you wish to change.

What is Progressd Text Editor

Instead of having a single tool on a single page, this single tool will give you the most useful tools in a single app.

How to use

  • Write some text on the left panel
  • If the function you need requires a parameter, input the parameter to the textbox under the ribbon.
  • Select a functionality from the ribbon bar
  • Click the function button and see the results in the right panel
  • If the resulsts are what you expected, click "Move Results to Left Pane" Button. If not, your text will still be preserves on the right panel and you can try another function button or another parameter.
  • Repeat the process until you get your expected result

Progressd Text Assister is the preferred way for progressd users, who want to process their text in a quick way.

Is Progressd Text Editor Secure to Use?

Before utilizing any online tool, the majority of users are most concerned about whether or not their paper will remain private. Users of Progressd Text Assister can upload their data in any of its tools with total confidence that it will stay secure. The text files that users upload to this tool's servers are not saved.

All functionality is provided as client side, so they are not even processed in our servers.