Alter Case

With a single click, you can change the case of your text from UPPERCASE to lowercase, lowercase to UPPERCASE, or Capitalize Words In Sentences.

Welcome to the Alter Case Text Generator Assister

change text case online window mockup This online Alter Case tool allows you to change the case of text online. Alter Case is designed to make your job easier by presenting most of the options in a single click. To put it another way, this web application allows you to alter the Case of selected text in a variety of ways, such as CAPITALISE LETTERS to small letters, small letters to CAPITALISE LETTERS, and capitalizing the initial letter of each sentence.

All you have to do is copy the text you want to convert and paste it in the box provided, then change the Case to whatever you like. Simply copy the converted text from the Alter Case tool's right side to your clipboard and paste it into your document.

Just below the box, you can also check the character and word counts of your text. Apart from case conversion, it also provides a few more choices such as Restore, Hyphen case, Underscore, and so on to make your work easier.

Alter Case examples that can show you what can be done

Let's take a deeper look at each of the choices you have:

Capital letters… This, as the name implies, changes your text blocks into CAPITAL LETTERS (i.e. upper case letters or alphabet).


Use lowercase letters This, as the name implies, reduces large blocks of text to little letters. (For example, a lower case letter or the alphabet.)

("this is how your text is going to look like.")

If you're looking for a unique way to express yourself, try using the The first letter of each sentence is converted to CAPITAL LETTERS, while the remainder is converted to small letters.

("This Is How Your Text Is Going To Look Adore.")